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Should you sign a post-nup?

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January 16, 2017

Senior Partner Marilyn Stowe was featured in both the Telegraph and Yahoo Finance over the weekend as she gave her thoughts on signing a post-nup.

She expressed suspicion of such agreements and explained that someone would not ask their partner to sign a postnuptial agreement unless it was in their own best interests.

Marilyn said:

“If you are asked, you should immediately be on your guard and take legal advice.”

She also explained that the financially weaker spouse can sometimes be coerced into signing a post-nup in an attempt to save their marriage.

People facing the end of their marriage can often be under a large amount of emotional pressure that cannot be underestimated. Marilyn said that people who are in this situation and are presented with a post-nup can often sign the document even if the terms are unfair, thinking it would preserve their marriage.

She added:

“Post-nups can be used as a very unpleasant threat: “Unless you sign this, I’m leaving you”.”

Mrs Stowe made it clear to those who are presented with a postnuptial agreement that they should not give in to the pressure and should take their time. However, some people do not take this advice on board.

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