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Going to court is stressful and difficult, no matter why you have to go. Below is a brief guide that can help you if you have to go to Chelmsford family court; it tells you everything you need to know, from where it is and how to get there, to what going to a court is like. If you need further family law advice, contact us today.

Where Is Chelmsford Family Court?

You can find the Chelmsford Justice Centre at Priory Place, Chelmsford. It is operated by Her Majesty’s Courts Service. The building contains the city’s county court and family court. Family courts are the ones that deal with divorces, child custody, child and spousal maintenance and so on.

If you have to go there, the address is:

Chelmsford Justice Centre

Priory Place

New London Road



Their phone number is 0344 892 4000. The Chelmsford Family Court email address is [email protected].

What’s It Like to Go to Liverpool Family Law Courts?

Going to court, no matter the reason, is something that should be taken seriously.

How to prepare. When you go to court, bring your hearing letter and case number, any papers you need for your hearing, and something to eat and drink (with the exception of alcohol). If you’re not sure what you need to bring, talk to your lawyer.

If the hearing will require you to meet your partner, prepare yourself for this so that you can remain calm and collected. Even aside from that you might find court a difficult, awkward or intimidating experience—but an experienced lawyer can help you through it.

You can wear what you want, although it is encouraged that you dress smartly. The only exception is that you can’t wear anything on your head except for religious reasons.

Arriving at the court. Be clear on how you’re going to get to the court before the day itself, so that you’re properly prepared. You should ideally arrive 30 minutes before the time stated on your hearing letter. Depending on the order in which the cases are seen, you may have to wait a while.

When you get to court, your bags and pockets will be checked like they would be at an airport. That’s because there are certain things you aren’t allowed to bring into the court, like weapons and alcohol. Unlike at an airport, however, you can have your things back when you leave.

In the hearing. Put your phone on silent, and don’t take any photos and videos. The first thing you’ll have to do is stand when a member of staff says ‘all rise’, which means that the judge/magistrate is about to enter the room. You’ll be told when it’s your turn to speak and what you have to do. Again, this can be nerve-wracking, but your lawyer will be there with you.

Contact Stowe Family Law

We’re Stowe Family Law, the only national law firm dedicated to family matters with the UK’s largest team of specialist family lawyers and an office in the heart of the city of Chelmsford

At Stowe, we work hard to make family law easier to understand and know that each case is unique – each one needing tailored support and handled with care. 

In choosing Stowe family law Chelmsford, clients are guided through the process with empathy and care and the reassurance that they have the right team of people by their side.

With offices across the UK, we practice all areas of family law and support people in the Chelmsford area going through a family breakdown to move forward in life from a position of renewed strength. 

So, if you need the best family law advice Chelmsford has to offer, contact Stowe Family Law today, request a free call back or call us at 01245 371290. Our Chelmsford family solicitors office can be found at Stowe Family Law LLP, Second Floor, Saxon House, 27 Duke St, Chelmsford, CM1 1HT.

Seb represents clients in all aspects of family law and is well versed in handling complex and high-net-worth cases often with an international element. He is described in the Legal 500 as practical, realistic and personable’, ‘pragmatic and sensitive’ and ‘excellent, intelligent and thoughtful’.


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