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Divorce coach Mary Vaughan

Mary Vaughan

Heartlands Coaching

Through listening and relevant questions, I support each client to truly take the logical approach that will serve them best in a holistic manner. Overcoming hurt and fears, increasing knowledge, building resilience, and ensuring the best for self – and their children – to move forward is the top priority.


Mary was educated in Ireland and the UK and continued her first degree in Business at the University of Southern New Hampshire, before taking on roles in HR management in Europe. 

After several years as a HR expert as part of senior leadership teams, Mary became a qualified professional coach in both Ireland and the UK, and works internationally in this field and her HR consultancy business.

Building on her business background, Mary started to specialise in executive coaching and gained the insight that, aside from business and workplace relevance, much of her coaching was about relationships challenges, separation and divorce related coaching. In addition, addictions and mental health support featured vastly in her work. 

As a professional coach, Mary is active in recommending counselling when required and/or continuing with focused coaching on elements where it is appropriate. 

Mary is based in Ireland.


Mary’s strength in practice is shown through her expertise in relationship coaching, separation and divorce coaching, career coaching, and family. 

She works with clients to help them overcome obstacles to achieve success in career and life wishes – mindful that each person is on a different journey. She provides support where clients need it, and helps them process areas where she believes they need it upon client agreement. 

Mary has also worked with separation/divorce clients with family businesses, and navigating best routes forward, and with sexual orientation related break-ups. Along with specialisms in co-parenting, finance and maintenance plans, communication plans, and mediation towards settlement agreements and other aspects. 


The best way to summarise Mary’s approach is that the expert inside you often needs dedicated support; the expert in Mary supplies this. 

She always meets a client exactly where they are now, with caring curiosity, supportive challenge, empathy and expectations. Working alongside Mary, clients can increase awareness, hold themselves accountable to action AND achieve desired results in important lifetime decisions and creations. Mary is eager and enthusiastic for clients to add rewarding life moments to their remaining years on earth.


Mary’s  expertise in coaching is validated by the professional association, International Coaching Foundation. She is currently an A.C.C. credential holder and undergoing renewal towards P.C.C. level, which supports her value of continuing professional development. 

Mary is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.

A little bit about Mary

Mary is a nature lover. She basks in the great outdoors and likes to tap into her creative side, through baking, writing and learning. Outside of work, she relaxes and engages in good natured humour with friends and community activity.

Mary is happily married currently and takes each day at its own time, knowing well that separation has become part of everyday life for many close friends and family members she has supported. 


Areas of Expertise

  • Adultery & Affairs

  • Children

  • Cohabiting Couples

  • Cultural Issues

  • Divorce

  • Divorce Coach

  • Domestic Abuse Coach

  • Grey Divorce

  • High Conflict Divorce

  • Mental Health

  • Neurodivergent

  • Parenting

  • Relationships

  • Self-care & Wellbeing

  • Separation


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