Nick White

Forensic Accountant

Nick White is a Forensic Accountant, he has a national remit and provides input and assistance to solicitors based in all of the firm’s offices. Nick joined Stowe Family Law in October 2004.

Areas of Expertise
  • Forensic Accountancy
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Nick’s 30 years of combined experience in the accounting and legal professions, of which more than 25 years has been in the forensic accounting arena including 13 years at Stowe Family Law dealing exclusively with matrimonial finances, means he is uniquely qualified to provide the financial insight required to investigate spouses’ financial affairs, unlock the finances in complex divorces and advise clients as appropriate during the course of their case.

Nick is able to investigate, interpret and assess complex financial information and communicate his views on that information in a manner understandable to clients. These skills have been invaluable to our solicitors and clients alike.  Not only does Nick and his team being in-house enable us to advise clients fully at the earliest opportunity, it empowers clients to make decisions based on accurate information and thereby save costs in the long run.

Nick’s experience and ability is regularly utilised in meetings with clients, conferences with Counsel and at Court hearings where his attendance has proved invaluable on numerous occasions as assessments and decisions can be made there and then.

Training & employment experience

A Chartered Accountant of 30 years standing, Nick has extensive experience of accounts, audit and taxation gained within the accounting profession prior to joining Stowe Family Law. While working for several firms since his qualification, Nick began to develop a proficiency in forensic accounting.  During this time, he successfully developed a forensic department for the firm he first qualified with.  When this firm was sold, Nick, having developed and enhanced his expertise in family law-related work during a relationship with Stowe Family Law, saw the synergy between his work and ours. So he joined Stowe on the date his firm was officially taken over and has been with us ever since.


Nick’s approach is always to put the interests of our client’s as paramount.

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