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salma khan - divorce coach

Salma Khan

Salma Khan Coaching

I collaborate closely with clients to establish a secure, non-judgmental environment where they can explore the emotions accompanying family breakdowns, foster self-empowerment and self-acceptance, and make decisions with clarity and composure.


Salma holds an MSc in IT from the London School of Economics and spent 25 years as an IT consultant in the corporate world. 

Following on from this, she has since trained as an ICF accredited coach and graduated from the Divorce Coach Academy. 

Salma holds a NLP Practitioner Certificate and has trained in Hypnotherapy. She is also interested in somatic coaching, positive psychology and neuroscience based modalities. 

Expertise & specialism 

Salma’s foremost aim is to alleviate the confusion and conflict clients may face. She is deeply committed to helping clients reclaim and reconstruct their lives amidst the upheaval of divorce. 

Employing a blend of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and positive psychology, Salma assists clients in processing emotions such as anger, guilt, and confusion, empowering them to make decisions from a place of clarity and tranquillity. 

She regularly supports clients on the cultural and religious impact of divorce in Asian communities, and the impact of divorce on businesses.


Salma exhibits a calm and empathetic style in her interactions with clients, gently guiding them towards progress with a sense of accountability. With a profound sense of empathy, she offers a confidential sanctuary for clients to navigate the challenges ahead.


ICF ACC Accreditation 

Optimus Coaching Certificate

NLP Practitioner

Certificate in Hypnotherapy,

Divorce Coach Academy

A little bit about Salma

Aside from being a mother to two teenagers, Salma enjoys running, writing and feels happiest when out in nature having a picnic or simply reading a book.


Areas of Expertise


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