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Sushma Kotecha - Holistic Family Mediation & Coaching

Sushma Kotecha

Holistic Family Mediation & Coaching

I offer an empowering online holistic family mediation and coaching service that helps separating and/or divorcing couples make informed decisions and stay out of court.


With over 30 years of combined professional experience as a divorce lawyer and qualified accredited family mediator, and her personal journey as a divorcee, Sushma offers a unique perspective on mediation and coaching sessions. 

Through her qualification as an Holistic Life Coaching & Mind-Body Practitioner, Sushma has enhanced her soft skills, enabling her to provide pragmatic and transformative solutions that address the holistic needs of clients who choose to work with her.

Sushma qualified as a solicitor in January 1994 and as a mediator with the ADR group in April 2010. She gained accredited status to deal with all issues through mediation (both children and financial) in December 2015 via the Family Mediation Council, and continues to hold this status.

In August 2023, Sushma graduated with the Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner Diploma. This dual certification and qualification has enhanced her skill-sets and knowledge to add value to her mediation clients, as well as offering a bespoke holistic divorce coaching service to those who prefer to work with her one-on-one as an alternative to the mediation offering.


Sushma specialises in holistic life coaching and mind-body practices, particularly tailored to individuals navigating through challenging life transitions, such as divorce and separation.  Her expertise includes supporting clients in fostering personal growth, emotional well-being, and navigating the various aspects of divorce, including legal, emotional, financial, and practical considerations. 

She is committed to empowering individuals to make informed, mindful decisions and create harmonious post-divorce lives. As a holistic life coach and mind-body practitioner specialising in divorce and separation, her coaching style is crafted to guide individuals through the unique challenges of this transformative journey. She seamlessly integrates holistic living principles, focusing on the intricate connection between mental, emotional, and physical well-being specific to the separation and divorce experience. 


Through a blend of coaching techniques and mindfulness practices, Sushma empowers clients to explore their inner selves, identify values, and align mind and body for profound personal growth during separation and divorce. 

She helps her clients navigate the complexities of this transition, set meaningful goals, and cultivate resilience, fostering a harmonious balance as they embrace a new chapter in their lives.

Accreditations & awards 

Accredited Family Mediator with FMC (Family Mediation Council) for all issues

Lifetime Senior Member of the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists, and Hypnotherapists).

Member of Resolution, FMC, and ACCPH

Finalist in 2022 via East Midland Chambers in the category ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’

Finalist in 2023 via Niche Magazine in the category ‘Best New Business of the Year’

Finalist in 2024 via the British Family Law Awards in the category ‘Family Mediator of the Year’

A little bit about Sushma

Sushma finds joy in the practice of yoga and meditation. As an avid adventurer and soul seeker, she relishes embarking on spiritual retreats. Whether it’s exploring new local experiences or venturing to foreign destinations, Sushma is passionate about discovering the richness life has to offer.


Areas of Expertise

  • Adultery & Affairs

  • Blended Families

  • Children

  • Cohabiting Couples

  • Cultural Issues

  • Divorce

  • Divorce Coach

  • Domestic Abuse Coach

  • Family Court

  • Financial

  • Grey Divorce

  • High Conflict Divorce

  • Menopause

  • Mental Health

  • Narcissism

  • Neurodivergent

  • Parental Alienation

  • Parenting

  • Relationships

  • Self-care & Wellbeing

  • Separation

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