Credit crunch Christmas: cause for divorce?

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December 5, 2008

THE prospect of a credit crunch family Christmas is just too horrific to contemplate for some Cheshire set wives, it would appear.

According to top divorce lawyer Marilyn `The Barracuda’ Stowe, there has been a pre-festive influx of new clients looking to call an end to their nuptials even before the partying begins.

Marilyn, of Hale-based Stowe Family Law, has represented many high-profile and wealthy clients and said: “This year it isn’t Christmas that is the cause of divorce. It is the prospect of Christmas. I had a period of 10 days when I saw six new cases, all of them women married to wealthy men, and none of them wanted to face Christmas.

“For some it was just a relief to talk about it, and they are coming back after the holiday, but a couple of others just said: `Proceed. Go ahead now.’

“The last time I saw something like this was in the early nineties, when we were in a similar sort of recession.

“It is too simplistic to say they are thinking `right there’s no money, so I am off’, but if things are tougher financially it can add that extra pressure that will make an already shaky marriage crumble.”