A family lawyer meets her match!

Stowe Family Law|March 1st 2010

The Stowe Family Law offices in Yorkshire and Cheshire are particularly busy at this time of year. I am also spending time in London, seeing clients there and readying our new office in High Holborn. I am making the most of the spare time that I have, immersing myself in things that make me laugh and feel good.

So right now I am very particular about what I listen to. I like music that is easy on the ear – but sufficiently “boom boom” to get me moving – and a radio presenter with a good sense of humour. Music and fun set me up for the busy day ahead.

Right now one presenter worth listening to, in my opinion, is Peter Levy. He is based at BBC Radio Humberside, in Hull of all places. I admit I’m biased because that city is fielding two teams against my currently battered team, the Leeds Rhinos. Rugby league has long been my favourite spectator sport; Hull FC with its new addition Sean Long – he of the sexy long blonde dreadlocks, formerly of our greatest rival, St Helens – may prove to be a major problem for us this season.

So I do sympathise that Peter Levy has chosen to base himself in Hull, poor man. I reckon that for him, it is time for a change…

Let me explain.

I first came across Peter when he was presenting the local news on TV. Chirpy, chippy, unflappable and “nicely” rude, I liked his sense of humour. I still do – until it is deployed against me, that is.

Every so often I receive a phone call, usually around 9:15 am when the  Radio Humberside producer of the day has had time to read the morning papers.

“Hi Marilyn! How are you fixed around 1:15 today to do an interview about…[whatever the divorce story of the day is about]…talk us through it…give your advice…are you free?”

Sounds all right, doesn’t it? Useful PR? Not to be missed? So, idiot that I am, I always agree.

“Thanks Marilyn! Er…you’ll be speaking to Peter,… he’s looking forward to your chat.” And the phone goes down just as I think, “Oh no, I’ve done it again. I’m being set up!”

Which, invariably, I am. I know it is my mistake, but because Peter Levy is so much fun, I cannot help but agree to be interviewed by him whenever that call comes in. Every time I go on air, having prepared harder than last time and given careful consideration to intelligent things to say on the subject, I am asked nothing that I could have reasonably expected.

Straightaway, he veers off the topic at hand and onto his favourite tease: “This story in the papers today – it’s all about divorce lawyers making more money, isn’t it?”

“Is it? I hadn’t thought about it like that.”

And I am left to fight back. With Peter, this isn’t easy. It would be like size eight me tackling Sean Long of the sexy long flowing blonde dreadlocks on the rugby field.  As enjoyable as it might be, I am wasting my time…

Last week I began laughing before Peter had asked me a single question. We were supposed to be discussing the rise in divorcing couples aged 60 or more. A serious topic – but I knew what was coming, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Another mistake.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked.

What could I say? I know what I was thinking: “Here we go again. I’m making a fool of myself..again”.  I struggled on, laughing even more when the dreaded question finally came: “But this is great for all you divorce lawyers to make more money isn’t it?”

By the end of the interview, I was done for – although laughing still. And because Peter is so nice and so much fun, I have no doubt at all that when the next call comes, I will say yes again.

So how do I rid myself of Peter Levy? I’ve had the perfect idea.

To all you top radio honchos out there: are you looking for a genuinely funny, chippy and entertaining presenter, with a GSOH, not a bit of arrogance and absolutely no treacle about him? The perfect man to wake people up in the mornings? Then… I thoroughly recommend Peter Levy.

PLEASE try him out. PLEASE pack him off to London, and….PLEASE, take him away from me!

The founder of Stowe Family Law, Marilyn Stowe is one of Britain’s best known divorce lawyers. She retired from Stowe Family Law in 2017.

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