Infidelity: Divorce Clinic on This Morning

Divorce|Relationships|August 21st 2012

Earlier today, I appeared on ITV This Morning to answer viewers’ questions for the programme’s Divorce Clinic.
This time the subject was infidelity and, as always, the questions were varied. Can text messages constitute adultery and be the basis for divorce? What is the difference between infidelity and adultery? If you divorce your spouse because of adultery, is it a swift and simple process? You can find out these answers, and more, by watching the clip here.
Adultery – or rather, adultery as a basis for divorce – is a relatively straightforward area of family law. However there are common misconceptions. We covered some of these on the show, and I’m going to publish my ten top divorce and adultery myths tomorrow.
In the meantime, if you can think of any other mistaken beliefs, or if you have any questions about adultery or the answers given in today’s programme, leave a comment below.

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  1. Paul says:

    Saw Marilyn Stowe on this morning today. She offers sound advice and I found it really helpful. She was equally helpful during a consultation and I would not hesitate to use her again in the future.

  2. Marilyn Stowe says:

    Thanks very much!

  3. DEBBIE LINTON says:

    What am I entitled too, my husband committed Adultry last year, I asked him to leave, he has given me several poposals, I have given him my one proposal and he has now informed me all of his proposals are non valid now as he has been to a Solicitor and been advised he is entitled to 50% of all assets 50% share of all investments and savings and equal split of pension rights. What am I entitled too please?
    Kind regards

  4. Sheliah says:

    I am married to a man who just got clean from drugs he left the home when he was high and after two yrs i had a child with another man my husba.d continued his drug binge before going to jail now that he is clean and I’m trying to divorce him he is crying adultry if i file will a judge say i committed adultry in michigan

    • Marilyn Stowe says:

      Dear Sheliah
      Go ahead and issue your divorce petition. If he wants to cross petition and waste everybody’s time prolonging this, then let him try. At worst you can agree he divorces you and you divorce him, this is called cross decrees.
      You aren’t in a criminal case, and frankly your adultery shouldn’t be relevant to ending this marriage.

      • Andrew says:

        Marilyn – are we sure that this is an English, not a Michigan case? Sheilah’s language has an American sound to me. Neither of us is qualified (at any rate I am not, and I doubt if you are a member of the Michigan Bar!) to advise on the position there.

  5. Steve says:

    I’m 2 years down the line
    My wife cheated with a friend and left after 19 years of marriage
    We have 4 boys 18 14 12 4 I was and am still the main carer due to my self emp job being able to fit round the boys I work from home ( IT technician) earning approx 14 k per year outstanding mortg is 94k with value of 180k
    I still live in fmh I pay all bills and mortg (4 years left) but not the main isa which is in her name ( have papers to state it is for mortg repayment though and signed letter from her )
    After court the 12/4 year olds are on 50/50 spilt after Cafcass screwed up ( typical I understand )
    She now is moving in with her boyfriend and wants the house to sell and split the finance
    I have ran a debt up of 15 k paying for solicitor who then quit on me when I asked questions about cost and best advice etc
    What options do you think I have
    Is it reasonable to stay in the fmh
    Hopefully by end of mortg business will have picked up and I will be able to get a mortg in my own right to pay her off
    What rights do the 4 boys have to live in this home and not have the security taken away

  6. janet says:

    my husband moved his girlfriend in our house and committing adultery he says hes not and i cant prove it ..but i can i have pics of them together and she has openly posted their affair on Facebook children are in this home while he’s doing this what are my rights we have been married for 18 yrs and have three children…he says that i cant do anything about his affair ..he has told me he owes me nothing please help im lost abd cant find anyone to help me without paying for advice …ive been a housewife for all these years and now im homeless

  7. James says:

    If my wife moved in with someone in Scotland and me and my 13yr old daughter are living in England, can my wife still get a quick divorce even if I feel me, my daughter, who wants mum and dad back together because she’s had to have counselling for self harm. Can I contest that divorce from my wife until she sees sense when me and my daughter live in England and she has put in for a divorce from her abode in Scotland. Please help because my daughter is taking this very very hard indeed. Kindest regards, James and daughter.

  8. Luke says:

    “Can I contest that divorce from my wife until she sees sense”
    Perhaps you can but I hope not, that’s an absolutely ridiculous statement – it’s very sad that your daughter has taken it badly but unfortunately that’s life, her mother is an adult who has a right to make decisions for herself.
    Maybe you and your future ex-wife can sit down amicably with your daughter and explain that sometimes (in fact with alarming regularity) relationships just break up.

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