News: Wife of banker relinquishes custody of four children

Children|Divorce|News|October 30th 2012

The wife of a Florida banker has received a divorce settlement of more than $85,000 but given sole of her four children to her husband, reports the New York Post.
In a divorce settlement filed earlier this month, 39 year-old Stacey Hessler received a total of $85,385 from banker husband Curtiss. He has kept their Florida home and custody of their four children, aged between 18 and 8. They will only be able to see their mother in a “safe environment” and “when they want to see her”.
The divorce cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. Mrs Hessler is heavily involved with the Occupy protest movement since first hearing about it in November last year. She travelled to New York and joined Occupy camps outside banks in the city’s financial district, leaving her children with her husband. Mrs Hessler was later arrested for disorderly conduct during a protest.
She told the newspaper that she does not feel guilty about leaving her children:
“Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad? I’m fighting for a better world.”
Reports suggest that her involvement with the movement was the reason for the divorce. Her profession is listed as ‘protester’ in the divorce papers.
The couple were married for 19 years.
Photo by Tom Giebel under a Creative Commons licence

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