Mother who fled with child to escape cancer treatment found in Sussex

Family|News|December 6th 2012

A 37 year-old mother who is opposed to her son receiving radiotherapy treatment for cancer has been found by police after fleeing.

Sally Roberts disappeared from her home in Tiverton, Devon, with her seven year-old son Neon on Sunday but was found by  police in Sussex earlier today.

“Neon’s welfare will be considered in the High Court,” said Devon and Cornwall Police in a statement.

Neon is suffering from a brain tumour and has undergone surgery. His New Zealand-born mother has been engaged in a court battle with Neon’s father Ben Roberts over whether to begin radiation treatment. Mr Roberts has sided with doctors who believe Neon’s chances will be “dramatically reduced” without radiation treatment.

After Mrs Roberts went on the run, High Court judge Mrs Justice Hogg released a statement reading:

“I have made an order permitting the identification of the child, Neon Luca Roberts, who is aged seven. It’s thought that he is need of urgent life-saving hospital treatment. He suffers from a brain tumour and has recently had surgery and the doctors responsible for his treatment believe he urgently needs radiotherapy. His mother, Mrs Sally Roberts, who is also known as Sally Lees, is opposed to the treatment and has disappeared with Neon.”

She added:

“I am deeply concerned for the welfare and well-being of this little boy.”

A further hearing into Neon’s welfare is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday 7 December).

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  1. Natasha says:

    Hello just want to say that Sally is right that there is a natural treatments out there . There is actually a cancer cure the doctor who discover this is called dr burzynski you have to watch his full video on YouTube to understand why he isn’t national wide know as certain people don’t want him to be discover its all to do with money need to watch story to understand. Good luck Sally xxxx

  2. Bruno D'Itri says:

    I’m simply horrified by this story.
    My heart goes out to the father and to the child.
    The mother’s faith in ‘alternative therapies’ is plainly a serious danger to her child, and the High Court needs to act swiftly to protect the best interests of this poor child.
    The ‘genuineness’ of the mother’s convictions is not in question. No doubt, in her own mind, she believes she is acting in her child’s interests. However, the reality is the exact opposite.
    This is a prime example of where scientific evidence must override the genuine wishes of a parent.
    There are direct parallels with British Relocation Law, in which the ‘genuine wishes’ of a relocating parent are given great weight by Payne v Payne, regardless of the scientific evidence showing that their child will suffer psychological, developmental and educational harm and disadvantage due to the loss of a meaningful relationship with their left-behind parent.
    Bruno D’Itri

  3. andrea deacon says:

    I really feel for this woman. My son had a brain tumour aged 3. I also refused the normal treatment of radiation and chemotherapy. I researched different treatments and took my son to America where he had Proton Beam Radiation. It is a much more accurate form of radiation, the radiation stops inside the tumour and so is side effect free. He is 6 now and a very bright little boy. I wish I could tell Sally about proton.

  4. Keri says:

    Sally – if you’re reading this – PLEASE try Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in Houston, Texas. He has SUCCESSFULLY treated medulloblastoma in many children after conventional treatment had failed and doctors declared there was nothing more that could be done for them. Dr. Burzynski’s treatment has saved lives, but you won’t hear about it from conventional doctors, oncologists and hospitals.
    PLEASE contact the Burzynski Clinic. It’s not too late and I’m sure they can help your son. GOOD LUCK!

  5. Bruno D'Itri says:

    Thank goodness the High Court has acted swiftly to protect the best interests of this poor child:

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