82 year-old triple divorcé seeks wife

Divorce|Relationships|December 19th 2012

How about this for a story? An 82 year-old triple divorcé has taken to appearing around the town of Corvallis in Oregon with a sign around his neck which reads: “Wanted: a wife”.
Sandy McCulloch’s sign goes on to specify the type of woman he’d like to meet: she must be aged over 60, like books, have a sense of humour and live in the same town.
That sounds like a sensible romantic shopping list for a gentleman of advanced years. Mr McCulloch explained his thinking to local newspaper the Corvallis Gazette-Times: “People look for a wife for different reasons when they are 20 or 25 than when they are my age. I’m looking for companionship.”
The veteran Oregonian was inspired to create his sign by a greeter at local hospital the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center. When she asked if needed any help, Mr McCulloch eventually admitted that he’d quite like a wife. Her response? That there was no shortage of single woman in the area and he should wear a sign to advertise his availability.
Mr McCulloch writes and sells collections of his fiction and wears the sign at his stall in the Old World Deli. Passers-by pose for photographs with him and some women, too young to be potential candidates, have even offered to help him in his search.
He told the paper: “The response [has been] rather amazing and delightful. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to being a rock star in a room full of people.”
Mr McCulloch now plans to unveil the sign in other locations around the town.
There is a sad back story to this heart-warming little tale. The younger Sandy was a self-confessed “emotional cripple” and had been divorced three times by the age of 39. But now he sounds confident that the  mistake of his youth are behind him.
I think Mr McCulloch’s optimistic search for a new bride in his twilight years is rather inspirational. It is never too late to make a play for happiness.
Photo of Corvallis by Sally via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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