Chinese jewellery company to fire employees if they get divorced

Divorce|Family|News|December 21st 2012

A jewellery company based in Shenzen, China, has introduced a policy of firing employees who get divorced, are unfaithful or maintain mistresses.
The policy is reported to have been devised in response to an increasing number of divorces and extramarital affairs in the country.
The head of the unnamed company told Chinese newspaper the Guangzhou Daily that he policy aimed to promote “faithful love and family harmony” and that it would apply equally to executives and ordinary employees.
The move attracted supportive comments on Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese microblogging site.
A user called Mahonsaid: “Family stability is the keystone of a harmonious society. I support this good rule. Employees with morals are trustworthy. We should encourage the promotion of this rule in our society.”
Another, called Giaofu, said: “I recommend this rule to governments at all levels! Government officials should be even more expected to comply with this rule.”
According to a Chinese language website called, the divorce rate in Beijing is now 39 per cent, and 38 per cent in Shanghai. Shenzen, Guangzhou and four other cites have divorce rates in excess of 30 per cent.
Photo of Shenzen by Thisisivor via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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