Australian woman wins divorce settlement after 26 years

Divorce|Family|News|January 4th 2013

An Australian woman has reached a divorce settlement 26 years after separating from her husband.

According to a report on, the unnamed couple, now in their 60s, were married for 17 years and had two children. In 2009, the woman was urged by her son to try and secure her right to live in the former marital home, which was still in her former husband’s name. The man initially refused to reach an agreement.

The woman sought permission to apply for a property settlement outside the normal time limit of one year, and this was granted. The local magistrate said he accepted that there had been an imbalance of power in the relationship and they had not previously wished to force a settlement.

The couple reached an agreement that would allow her to continue living on the premises, while he paid the mortgage. He also agreed to provide his former wife with a car, pay school fees and give her AU$180 a week.

In English law there is no time limit for settlements but the court will take into account the separation period, although this may make little difference depending on the facts of each case. Courts will consider the circumstances at the time of the hearing.

Photo by Bill S via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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