Gay divorce site appears in France before same sex marriage is legalised

Family Law|News|Relationships|February 2nd 2013

A site designed to help gay people divorce has been launched in France before the country has even legalised gay marriage.

The website, called Divorce Gay & Services Juridiques Gay Friendly (Gay Divorce & Gay-Friendly Legal Services) offers a range of services from lawyers ‘guaranteed’ to be gay friendly, each “carefully chosen by region for their desire and ability to welcome gays and lesbians and best respond to their requests without prejudging”.

The site is, it says getting ready for “the inevitable divorces to come” amongst gay and lesbian couples. It notes:

“In Argentina, the first gay divorce occurred three weeks after the legalisation of same sex marriage.”

Divorce Gay claims:

“Giving gays lesbians couples new rights and new freedoms, also creates new challenges and concerns, legal, financial or inheritance-related, that only heterosexuals have experienced to date ….It therefore seemed important to open a site where [the gay community] can find caring lawyers who understand, and more broadly, where it can ask questions and meet the best gay-friendly professionals.”

Photo by Jackie via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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