Welsh secretary castigated for gay marriage remarks

Family Law|Marriage|News|February 16th 2013

Remarks made by Tory MP David Jones about gay marriage have been branded “hugely offensive” by Labour MP Kate Green.

Jones, the Secretary of State for Wales, appeared on ITV programme Face to Face earlier this week. Asked about gay marriage, which he voted against in the House of Commons, the 60 year-old MP said:

“I regard marriage as an institution that has developed over many centuries, essentially for the provision of a warm and safe environment for the upbringing of children, which is clearly something that two same-sex partners can’t do.”

Kate Green, the Shadow Minister of State for Equalities, said the comments were “hugely insulting, offensive and wrong”.

The Welsh branch of gay rights organisation Stonewall said they were “saddened that the secretary of state for Wales should make such an offensive and inaccurate remark.”

The spokesman continued:

“There are many different types of family in Wales today, including many same sex couples raising children. It’s deeply undermining to families and children when they hear this sort of ill-informed comment.”

But Jones insisted that he was “fully supportive” of committed same sex relationships. He said:

“I took the view that marriage is an institution that has developed over the centuries so as to provide a safe and warm environment for the upbringing of children. I made the point of stressing that I was fully supportive of committed same sex relationships. I also strongly approve of civil partnerships…..I simply sought to point out that, since same sex partners could not biologically procreate children, the institution of marriage was one that, in my opinion, should be reserved to opposite sex partners.”

Meanwhile the government has announced that registrars with a religious objection to gay marriage will not able to opt out of conducting the ceremonies.

New guidance, issued to MPs, notes that registrars are public officials:

“Registrars are employed to deliver a public function and may be required to solemnise same sex marriages.  This is similar to requirements that have been placed on some registrars since the Civil Partnerships Act 2004, meaning many have been required to perform civil partnerships as part of their duties.”

Religious organisations, by contrast will not be required to conduct same sex marriage ceremonies.

The guidance, from Equality and Human Rights Commission, included an analysis of the human rights implications the Marriage (Same Sex) Couples Bill. It and was issued to MPs as they continue scrutiny for the bill, which passed its second reading in the House of Commons earlier this month.

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  1. Nicolas Perrett says:

    As a gay father of 4 I find these ill educated, poorly judged, bigoted and wholly inaccurate comments disgusting and highly offensive. This imbecile should be sacked from office immediately. There is no placein a modern society for this kind of prejudicial claptrap. Can you imagine if that comment had been made about coloured or Asian people? There is NO difference between racial hatred and homophobia. They’re the same beast in a different mask. Stop being a coward Mr Cameron and weed out the hatemongers like Davies and Greyling. They should stand for election in Uganda if they are that convinced that prejudice is a viable political stance.

  2. John Tait says:

    David Jones is right.
    The National Office for statistics has irrefutably stated that the best way to bring up children is by a heterosexual couple.
    It is impossible for two men to fulfil the essential role of mother and similarly two women cannot be a father.
    Gay marriage is a further erosion on the integrity of stable family life and society cohesion.
    The feral riots are being ignored but lawless teenagers are determined to repay selfish society for depriving them of discipline.

  3. Gerry McDonnell says:

    If the TRUTH offends, then so be it. 100% correct Mr Jones. Delighted that someone has the integrity and guts to stand up and be counted. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  4. Mr Magoo says:

    What is wholly offensive is the hatred like above shown towards those that disagree with the PC, minority line. Children have the right to be cuddled, guided and protected by their mum AND dad, not by selfish adults and by the way, the day that one views what homosexual men do to each other as ‘perfectly normal’ is the day that hell will freeze over and that goes for heterosexuals too. Yes I am allowed a view and no we do not live in Stalanist Russia….yet.

  5. Gerry McDonnell says:

    Mr Perrett talks about people suffering from homophobia. I say that he and those who who agree with him are suffering from Christophobia.

  6. jess says:

    You want to get of your soap box mister tait i live a normal happy life with my little boy who is 6 and the fact i am in a gay relationship doesnt affect him at all he jas the same as any other child if not more you obviously think you as hetrosexual can do it better i beg to differ and if you asked my little boy if he was happy with his two MUMMYS he would tell you he wouldnt have it any other way maybe you should keep your pathetic opinions to yourself there is no room for ignorant people like you in the world

  7. Edward Paul Davies says:

    I have been taught that man was made for woman and vice versa. i object to gay marriage and finf it shocking and offensive .will anybody care about my feelings? i think not! Then there are children who need a “proper” father and mother figures to guide them through life’ i am fed up of the facr that being gay is normal, when we ALL know it is not. some parts of the body were meant for one thing, not anything else.

  8. The Wing Commander says:

    At last some sense. Children need to see a normal stable NATURAL relationship, a man and a woman. We’re seeing the results of all this PC brainwashing on our streets right now. Destruction of youth. it would be anti PC to call someone with an OCD, but would you show your kids how ‘right’ it is to be OCD? Yeah, well homos show their kids, and go on and on and on about how it is ‘right’.

    Stopping PC would be a great start, standing up and applauding the likes of David Jones who has the courage to stand up for values – in a society that has few anymore – all thanks t PC.

    Stop this nonsense before it destroys more than just Britain.

  9. Normal Person says:

    More power to you Mr jones

  10. Dr Houghton says:

    David Jones MP, well said despite the bullies against you. It’s your perfect right to say what you wish inorder to give children the very best.
    Real marriage is the worlds most successful club, open to all who commit to its simple rules: one man one woman for life whatever–and the children, if there are any, get the best chance in a bad world.

  11. u6c00 says:

    I disagree with the comments made but calling for his removal from office is not the right response. The right response to opprobrious speech is more speech. Tell him why he is wrong, criticise, lampoon and parody him. Don’t try to censor him because that harms us all if someone can lose their job for speech which some disagree with.

    To the many people who have stated their religious objections to gay marriage, good for you, enjoy your own religious beliefs and the comforts that they bring to you. I however am not part of your religion and so don’t wish to follow your rules. @Edward Paul Davies, sorry I wasn’t taught that lesson, why should it apply to me? @Wing Commander, if you believe that a relationship between a man and a woman is stable then you appear to be reading the wrong blog.

    I am neither homosexual not a member of any organised religious group. I value the fact that now if my son turns out to be homosexual he will likely have more rights than he would have done before the bill. I don’t see why someone else’s feelings should get in the way of his rights. Feel your feelings, but don’t try to impose them on other people.

  12. vob says:

    I have friends that are ”Gay” and on a one to one I really like them, however it concerns me that we have local authorities encouraging none heterosexuals to foster children. Children who are already having to deal with consequences that have happened in their lives, will be further confused as to what is right or wrong in relationships;Behavior which could be observed and copied in such households: Boys kissing boys, Girls kissing girls etc! This could have a negative affect as to their long term future.


  13. Donald J Morrison, Inverness says:

    Yes, David Jones is absolutely right – he has truth on his side. Same-sex marriage is sickening. I will leave my letter to the press, which has been used, to outline my clear views…for everyone to see.

    Dear Sirs,

    Following the shameful approval of same-sex marriage by 400 dizzy MP’s in Parliament last week, there has been an onslaught of ridicule, mockery and scoffing comments hurled at everyone who has, and rightly so, opposed this decision, and who continue to disapprove of these bizarre unions.

    Despite the “ayes” of MP’s the majority doesn’t want them and its public knowledge. MP’s have brazenly ignored the 640,574 signatures, presented to them by the Coalition for Marriage campaign group, of those not wishing to refine marriage.This is both disgraceful and undemocratic.There is no question that the UK Government is guilty of gross political immorality.Whatever anyone says, the sanction of these relationships is a deeply serious matter and will have inevitable repercussions for Christians, at least those of them who are genuine and not counterfeits.

    Sincere Bible believing Christian will always disapprove and condemn sin, whatever name you give it: adultery, murder, fornication, drunkenness, lying etc.The sin of homosexuality will not be excluded as the Bible does clearly not support it. The evidence, for those who have eyes to see it, is in Lev 18v22, 20v13, 1 Corinthians 6v9-10 and Romans 1v26-28. The absolute truth of God’s word can never be altered or distorted about what it unambiguously states about it.God cannot be edited.The practice is a sin needs to be repented of, the same as any other sin, and the only way to receive forgiveness is through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.Sadly, our society does not rely on the Bible for its moral truth.Instead it relies on humanistic and relativistic morals upon which it builds its ethical structures, as we’ve all been an eyewitness to of lately.

    Anyone with any common sense can surely see that political protection of a sexual practice is ridiculous. Common sense tells us that it is improper to pass laws stating that homosexuals have ‘rights’ to have sex with one another and then redefine marriage to include their views. If they can do that, then where will it end? What about paedophilia or bestiality? These are also sexual practices. Should they, too, be protected by law? If homosexuality is protected legally, why not those as well?

    Although true marriage can never be redefined, it is damaging and destructive to see British MP’s trying to slaughter it through its equality agenda of political correctness. People forget that the like’s of this already happened in the UK, at an unimaginable, scandalous and tragic cost. In 1966, when Parliament was debating a bill over the Abortion Act, Mr David Steele, the architect of the abortion law, said: “It is not the intention of the promoters of the Bill to leave a wide open door for abortion on request.” I don’t need to tell you how wide the door of slaughter opened. Since the Act became law in 1968, 7.5 million abortions have been carried out throughout the UK (up until the end of 2011), 98% of which were for “social” reasons. The % rate may be higher but this has been at least 98% of “abortions to far.”

    Last week Education Secretary Michael Gove shelved his flagship plans to scrap GCSEs, admitting they were a “bridge to far”. Hopefully members of the House of Lords, along with all our dizzy politicians, will yet have the humility, decency and common sense to see that these same-sex knots are a “marriage to far” and deserve to be thrown “far” past and over London bridge…for good.

  14. devilsadvocate says:

    I have no objection to civil partnerships or of homosexual couples in a long term relationship fostering or adopting. I do object to people not being allowed to voice an opinion, whether people agree or not. It seems that freedom of speech is the real loser here. Not long before the thought police track us down!

  15. Mr Magoo says:

    You cannot make your telly work with two plugs or just two sockets. You must put the welfare of a family, which comes from marriage, above the selfish desires of the haters like we see on here, protected by the scared legislature and judiciary. Well done David Jones MP for telling the truth. Marriage will be diluted even further and families made even more estranged.

  16. Dylan says:

    My Oxford Dictionary defines ‘Marriage’ as- ‘The condition of man and woman legally united for purposes of living together and usu. procreating lawful offspring’.
    I have no objection to gay people living together, being blessed or legally registering their commitment, but how on earth can they be married? It is a contradiction in terms.
    The government, in promoting and getting the bill passed was clearly acting cynically in a vote chasing game propelled by a ongoing propaganda exercise by the gay community.

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