Rod Stewart writes song about his first child as teenage father

Children|News|Relationships|March 21st 2013

After unveiling a new song about divorce on Radio 2 earlier this week, singer Rod Stewart has revealed that another song on forthcoming album Time was also inspired by his family life.

Brighton Beach is about his first romantic relationship as  a teenager, he says, and the subsequent birth of the first of his eight children, a daughter who was given up for adoption.

Stewart, who is now 68, recalls the experience 50 years on:

“It’s about a real girl who broke my heart – my first love affair. Her name was Sue Boffey. She was the mother of my first child, who was adopted….It was a real blot on your character to get a girl pregnant in those days.”

Stewart’s daughter Sarah Streeter only discovered the identity of her biological father when she was 18 and the pair found it difficult to build a relationship. But they are now closer since the death of Sarah’s adoptive mother.

The London-born performer recalls:

“We’ve just begun to call each other father and daughter. It was hard, because I didn’t change her nappies or take her to school, or help her do her homework.”

Photo by Bruce Tuten via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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