Saudi man arrested after assaulting divorce judge

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September 22, 2020

A Saudi Arabian man has been arrested after attacking the judge in a divorce court.

According to a report on the Al Youm news programme, the assault occurred in a courtroom in Al Qatif on the country’s eastern coast.

The man was reportedly talking to the judge in a divorce case filed by his wife when he realised the judge was about to authorise the separation and became upset.

A source recalled:

“The man said that he did not want the divorce and that he was deeply in love with his wife. He said that he was willing and ready to make any compromise and do anything to keep his wife. However, he became visibly concerned about the judge’s imminent decision and attacked him. The security staff tried to bring the situation under control, but the angry man resisted them.”

Relatives later said the man could not imagine life without his then wife.

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