Actress Alison Steadman: divorce is ‘too easy’

Divorce|News|May 21st 2013

Alison SteadmanDivorce has become the ‘norm’ and ‘so easy’, claims actress Alison Steadman.

Speaking at the launch of a new TV drama about the break-up of a retired couple, the 66 year-old TV and film veteran said she hoped younger people would think twice before ending their relationships, the Mail reports.

“I can remember when I was at school there was one girl in my whole class, her parents were divorced and it was shocking, we as kids felt really sorry for her…her mother had married again and it felt really odd. I think now it seems to be the norm for kids that their parents don’t stay together, sadly.”

She added:

“But times change and hopefully, maybe my sons’ generation, there will be a switch again, maybe they will think again. Because divorce is so easy now and it wasn’t years ago and you had to go through all sorts of hoops. It was incredibly complicated, now it’s just a question of saying “That’s it”. Perhaps we don’t put the value on it that we did.”

The ITV drama, Love and Marriage, concerns a retired couple who split up after the woman grows tired of her husband. Steadman said she hoped it would serve as a wake-up call and encourage couples to appreciate each other.

Love and Marriage airs next month.

Photo by Andy Davison via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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