Divorce ‘no longer a taboo’ survey reports

Children|Divorce|News|June 5th 2013

Wedding ring divorceA substantial majority of Britons believe divorce is no longer a social taboo according to new research.

Sixty-two per cent of people surveyed by polling organization Yougov said they thought divorce wassocially acceptable, with just four per cent saying they strongly agreed with the idea that divorce was a social  taboo.

Relate counsellor Christine Northam said:

“Divorce has become much more familiar in modern life; it’s not the hushed secret it was years ago. Most of us have been affected by divorce, whether we’ve gone through it, know someone who has, or have been affected by our parents’ divorce, so the taboo status has lost much of its power.”

Younger people, in the 25-34 age group, are more likely to think of divorce as a taboo, claims the survey.

Northam added:

“The generational difference in attitude could be put down to the young couples’ proximity to parental divorce, and an unwillingness to repeat the same mistakes. I see younger couples anxious to try fix a relationship, but there are still vast numbers of couples who give up on marriage too quickly before seeking professional help.”

The survey was carried to publicise the release of divorce on DVD of wedding comedy I Give It A Year.

Photo by Ruddington Photos via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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  1. Luke says:

    This is another survey that states the bl***ing obvious – it hasn’t been a taboo for decades, divorce is now almost expected !

    In fact if you are a middle-aged man and you are still a bachelor a lot of women look at you disparagingly 🙂

  2. Observer says:

    Luke – I don’t think there is anything obvious about this. The author just forgot to qualify that it is no longer taboo ‘for women’. Unlike how things used to be. I suspect the author was a woman. A man with some experience would not write this sort of thing, because they would know a lot better, that divorce is in fact a real taboo for men. You are made to feel shamed and responsible for it, you are treated like a criminal, your job is on the line. If there were kids, then the likelihood of false allegations in children’s disputes is 99 per cent higher, with all the abuse that this brings with it. Extended families and friends generally hold the man responsible for divorce; so long as men are regarded as the ‘head’ of the family, we will no doubt continue to blame the man for the failure that is divorce. If there were kids, then the man as a father is also immediately deemed a failure; I think ‘deadbeat’ is the term. You are a immediately a deadbeat either way. As the children grow up, moreover, you will be to blame for everything that goes wrong in their lives, or everything that they might lack, be it money or whatever. What is more, all this is compounded by the fact that there is no support and no forgiveness for you; you are basically treated like scum by all the authorities, not just the CSA.

    What’s funny is that so many men just don’t talk about these things, they just get on the best way they can, and that is why there is nothing ‘obvious’ about all this.

  3. Luke says:

    “that divorce is in fact a real taboo for men.”

    No it isn’t, as a man it is financial idiocy to get married in the first place and you can potentially get legally shafted – especially if there are children involved – but it is not a taboo to be a male or female divorcee in today’s society.

    Nobody gives a d*** except religious people, and with the never ending paedophile scandals with pastors/vicars/priests etc. they’ve got their own problems !

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