Pennsylvania county declares child support enforcement amnesty

Children|Divorce|Family Law|News | 5 Jun 2013 2

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department in Pennsylvania has announced a child support enforcement amnesty for later this month.

Between June 10 and June 14, parents living in the county who are behind with their child support payment will be able to declare themselves and make arrangements to pay the money owed without risking arrest.

County Sheriff Eileen Behr said:

“There are about 300 active warrants out there for people who are failing to pay child support. When you fail to pay, Sooner or later it becomes a criminal warrant for failure to follow the court order for payment.”

Montgomery County parents owe approximately $5 million in unpaid support, she added. One parents owes $55,000 and another $44,000.

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    1. Luke says:

      I know this is not UK courts, but decisons like the example below cannot be made up – it’s scary what they can do – I mean I think the Judge in this case should literally be manacled and given 6 months in jail !

    2. Observer says:

      More baffling though is why, at a time when men and women are supposed to be equal, we still treat women as objects that need to be paid for. It is as if these judges see all women as prostitutes of a kind. It really does show that patriarchy in the family justice system is alive and well, and damages all that are at the mercy of the courts.

      But I suppose what’s even more baffling is that women’s groups don’t stand opposed to being treated as prostitutes, but actually fight for the right to objectification of this kind.

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