US man in amicable divorce so he can sail round the world

Divorce|News|July 12th 2013

The wife of a former hospital planner from Portland agreed to divorce her husband so he could sail around the world.

Stephen Farmer, 60, had grown tired of his life as his life in Oregon. He wanted to be escape “traffic, lines and rules” and live “with absolute freedom”, he told “I’m just a gypsy on the river.”

But there was a problem: his wife Ellanna didn’t share his ambitions for a life on the water. Farmer recalls:

“[We had] a magical connection, but she didn’t want to go around the world on a boat.”

So the couple reached an agreement, he claims. They would divorce quickly and she would buy him out of his share in their home.

On the night they finalised the divorce the couple had dinner together and promised to meet up again on a future wedding anniversary, wherever he was in the world, for a celebration on his boat.

He bought his boat shortly afterwards, naming it ELF, after his wife Ellanna Lava Farmer.

He told TDN:

“I wanted to honour her, because she released me to this dream.”.

Famer is currently sailing along the Columbia River, visiting local festivals before headingout onto the Pacific Ocean. He plans to sail down the west coast of South America before turning towards the South Pacific, where he wants to visit “as many tiny, tiny oceanic communities as I can and bring good will to them.”.

Farmer anticipates 10-15 years of sailing before age catches up and he can no longer sail on his own. If that happens he hopes to find a remote sandy island to spend his final days.

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  1. Luke says:

    Sounds like a great plan to me, I wish them both well.

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