Celebrity baker Paul Hollywood admits to sadness about his divorce

Divorce|Family|News|August 14th 2013

Celebrity baker Paul Hollywood has admitted to sadness about the recent collapse of his 15 year marriage.

The 47 year old, a judge on popular cookery show The Great British Bake Off, told The Radio Times:

“I’m upset and sad about the whole separation.”

But, he insisted:

“I’ve been totally honest with those in the know.”

Hollywood split from Alexandra, his wife of 15 years, earlier this year amidst rumours that he had grown close to Marcela Valladolid, his co-host on a US baking show. She later filed for divorce.

The Liverpudlian baker said his 11 year-old son had taken the separation badly.

“I won’t comment on my marriage for my son’s sake. He became quite ill. I live about a mile from where I used to and love him to pieces. He was asked to do a show at school about someone famous and phoned me, saying, ‘I want to pick you’. I nearly cried. I said, ‘Josh, I’m not famous’, and he replied, ‘Daddy, you are’. I broke down.”

The pressures of celebrity may have played a role in the break-up, he continued.

“Maybe fame has caused a problem. But it’s not fame as such. To nail it to that would be foolhardy. It’s the perfect storm, a blend of everything. One in two marriages fail. I don’t see those people written about in the papers every day.”

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