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Government introduces quality mark for organisations working with separated families

A new mark certifying organisations which work with separated families has been launched by the government.

The Help and Support for Separated Families Mark is designed to help “parents to feel reassured that [an] organisation promotes collaborative working between parents following separation.”

Organisations can apply for the mark and will then be independently assessed to ensure that their work with separated families meets the required standards. They must demonstrate that they actively help parents work together for their children in a positive way after relationships come to an end.

The support charities Relate and Family Lives have already been awarded the Mark.

Liberal Democrat MP Steve Webb is Minister of State for Pensions and Child Maintenance. He said:

“I am delighted to introduce this new mark, which will complement the millions of pounds we’re investing into support services for separated parents to do what’s right by their children.”

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  1. John says:

    Paying this subject ‘lip service’ with a kite mark, really takes the biscuit.

    The government only hear what they want to hear, and using groups that align with their policy making, is not the answer.

    They don’t canvass those embroiled in the separated family scenario, and having been to Cafcass or the equivalent many years ago. It was a joke.

    As with the CSA. They don’t solve problems, they make them ten times worse.

  2. Stitchedup says:

    I have to admit, like John, I’m sceptical about this. I’ve had dealings with “Resolution”solicitors and they certainly didn’t follow the resolution code of practice imho. My ex partner’s solicitor made an allegation of DV and threatened and eventually got a non-mol to avoid going to mediation; something I had offered from day one. My solicitor seemed as bad, her response was to threaten to put a non-mol on my ex. Hardly seems to be the non-confrontational approach that resolution is meant to champion.

  3. John says:

    Common Purpose, for the benefit of their followers and creating yet another elite and subservient groups that are the ruination of our democratic society. Whose only purpose is to demonise and criminalise, those outside of ‘the circle’.

    ‘Do you wanna be in my gang’? No thanks!

  4. Paul says:

    I wonder when that great “stakeholder” of the family justice system – Cafcass no less – will get theirs. I have an officer of theirs to thank for a son I haven’t seen now in thirteen years.

  5. Luke says:

    Hmmm…. I have to be honest I am a bit suspicious of it too, I’m afraid my first cynical response ( 🙂 ) would be who benefits financially/jobs-wise from this…

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