African student jailed after appearing at Leicester registry office with third bride

Family Law|News|August 21st 2013

A Nigerian student has been jailed after presenting three different brides to registrars in Leicester.

Chinedu Amadi appeared in the city’s registry office to book a wedding late last year, but his supposed bride-to-be struggled to pronounce his name, the Mail reports. The 27 year-old student also appeared to have difficulty remembering his own address.

And when Amadi arrived for the ceremony the couple had booked in January this year, he was an hour late and had a different woman with him. A suspicious registrar told him the ceremony would have to be postponed because he had arrived late.

Meanwhile, she and her colleagues alerted the Home Office, who sent investigators along to the rescheduled ceremony, which took place on on February 14. This time Amadi was accompanied by a third woman, Hungarian Szilvia Basco-Porkolab. She had previously married another Nigerian.

Both were arrested, as was the woman who had first accompanied Amadi, Rubin Dugos, and the Hungarian’s first husband, another Nigerian called Ikechukwu Egbe.

Basco-Porkolab and her supposed groom were jailed for offences relating to immigration law and jailed. She was sentence to 34 months behind bars while he received 20 months.

Amadi had paid a sham marriage fixer £5,000, hoping to stay in the UK when his student visa expired by marrying an EU citizen.

Egbe and Durgos were also jailed, for conspiracy.

The investigators could not trace the second would-be bride, from the postponed January ceremony.

A source told the newspaper: “It was a farce from start to finish with three different brides and a groom who bowled up an hour late to his own wedding. I don’t know how they thought they would get away with it.”

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