Spurned husband lashes out at British judges

Children|Divorce|Family Law|Relationships|September 3rd 2013

Property developer Elie Taktouk has accused British judges of favouring ‘badly behaved wives’. The father of two lashed out following a disappointing divorce settlement from footballer Cesc Fabregas’ now girlfriend Daniella Senaan, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Elie Taktouk was furious when the courts allowed the former Arsenal player to buy the property developer’s former London family home. The property was put up for sale to pay his ex-wife £1.4 million as part of the divorce settlement.

Mr Taktouk estimated the property value at £7.5 million, but had to accept £2 million less from a company set up by Fabregas.  The sale of the property was put into Miss Semaan’s hands and she accepted a lower offer.

Mr Taktouk tried to block the sale, saying he had interested parties willing to pay £7.5 million but the Court of Appeal rejected the application in July.

“They are not interested if you are right or wrong,” Mr Taktouk said. “They are just trying to protect the woman. They protect the badly behaved ones, not the well behaved ones who are dedicated to their work, family or life — they don’t get anything. It’s the one who sits at home all day [who is favoured].”

“As much as I respect the system, the family courts in our country are appalling. It’s not about justice, it’s about what’s convenient,” Mr Taktouk added.

Mr Taktouk indicated that he objected to providing funds for his ex-wife to buy a home when she had started a new life with a man who earns £5 million a year. Elie Taktouk, was married to Daniella Senaan for 12 years.

During the hearing in July, Miss Semaan denied that Fabregas had bought the flat so she could carry on living in it.

She said she was planning to move to Spain, but Appeal Court judge Mr Justice Floyd said that: “If the sale goes through to Mr Fabregas there will be a real possibility that the children will remain in the flat, in their home, and that remains a powerful factor in favour of allowing the sale to go ahead.”

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  1. Luke says:

    “the family courts in our country are appalling. It’s not about justice, it’s about what’s convenient”

    Mr Taktouk thinks this, and I generally agree with him – the problem though is that guys like Mr Taktouk will still get married and remarried. To be fair in his case he may have married a long time ago and so quite reasonably wouldn’t have known about Family Court – but the information is out there on the Internet now – so men who get married in 2013 are at least partially to blame for getting screwed by this system.

  2. JamesB says:

    Mariage is natural and from God. Wrt the laws on the subject in this country they are not. Thus why increasing numbers ignore them and have sharia, bin deth, etc. laws on the matter instead.

  3. Stitchedup says:

    The laws in this country ar more focussed on the destruction of the family, protecting the woman and asset stripping the man; rather than saving the family and maintaining family values.

    Whilst I am uncomfortable with many aspects of Sharia law, I do believe it is more about saving the marriage/relationship. It also seems to be more even handed with less gender bias and more interest in maintaining family values than money.

    I’ve travelled the world, lived and worked abroad and one thing I have learned is that most cultures can learn from other cultures, both have their good and bad.

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