Mother jailed for contempt after failing to reveal the whereabouts of her children

Family|Family Law|News|November 18th 2013

The mother of two girls who went missing after social workers intervened in their family has been jailed for contempt of court.

The local authority, the London Borough of Ealing, had previously investigated the family, amidst reports of domestic violence and poor attendance at school. In one alleged incident, the older girl, aged 14, was assaulted by her brother and father.

She and her younger sister, aged 11, were made the subject of emergency protection and recovery orders. Their mother was pressed for information on their whereabouts. She claimed they were staying with relatives in Manchester but failed to provide further details or deliver them to the courts. The mother was taken into custody and eventually admitted that she deliberately not revealed the girl’s whereabouts because she feared they would be taken into care.

The courts concluded that the mother had provided unreliable evidence and was in breach of the collection order.

At the High Court, Mrs Justice Theis said missing children were always a serious matter and such matters became even more serious when courts were unable to locate children because relatives would not co-operate.

The mother was jailed for 28 days.

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  1. vob re says:

    Far better the Mother Jailed, than the children being
    emotionally incarcerated by ‘Forced Adoption’ !

  2. Name Witheld says:

    Courts are trying to do this to me right now being sentanced in the high court this month because I won’t let social services have my 15 year old son but every time they find him he runs they have managed to keep him for about 2 hours losing him before I even get out the police cells but they still insist on carrying on its about time they put the corrupt social workers in prison

  3. D says:

    its a disgrace when local authority take it to the high court they lie and twist things to make it look bad than what it really is.The funny thing about it all is they do more harm to the children i Know what they did to my daughter she was only seven 7 failed foster placements been mistreated abused that she even tried to take her own life then put her in a mental hospital and put her on medication she did not even need to control her and end of the day they do not care about the child it is a money making scheme and to keep social workers in a job and take back handers. When going to family high court the judges their bias and corrupt themseleves because if a judge can see that social servcies have made a mistake but still give them a care order

  4. unknown says:

    The whole system is a mess and i think all mothers in the situation we are all in with with local authourity we should all stand up for our rights or get the local newspaper and highlight what these people do to the children and i just find sometimes that solicitors they do not do enough as its goverment verses goverment

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