When you know that it‘s over

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This is an amended extract from my latest book, Divorce & Splitting Up: Advice From a Top Divorce Lawyer.


You know you’re done when:

  • You want out of your marriage or relationship because the thought of spending the rest of your life with your current partner makes you shudder. You may or may not have someone else in the wings.
  • Your partner has betrayed you and you cannot forgive them. The trust between you both has broken down to such an extent that, even with counselling, you cannot fathom how that trust can ever be rebuilt.
  • Your partner’s behaviour has left you with little choice.
  • Your partner has requested a “trial separation”.
  • You have sat back and taken a long look at the pros and cons of each of your options, perhaps with the help of a close friend, a GP or a counsellor. As a result, you picture yourself happier out of the marriage than in it.
  • You discuss the situation with your partner and reach a mutual decision: it’s over.
  • You were planning to stay together for the children, but the relationship has deteriorated to such an extent that your children ask you to consider splitting up.
  • There is nothing left between you.
  • Your partner wants out of the relationship. This is often the most difficult reason to accept. Do you truly love your partner? If you did, wouldn’t you let go?


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