Britain’s most married man plans book about his life

Family|News | 4 Jan 2014 1

A man who claims to be Britain’s most married husband after walking down the aisle eight times is set to publish a book about his life.

Ron Sheppard, from Martock in Somerset, married his first wife Margaret in 1966 but the marriage last just three years. Later this year, he will celebrate his tenth anniversary with wife number eight, Weng, who is nearly 30 years his junior. Altogether he has eight children with four of his former wives.

The former holiday camp entertainer now plans to publish a book recounting his experiences, entitled Lord of the Wedding Rings. He is already in talks with a production about a possible film adaption. According to the Mail, film star Jude Law is a possible contender for the lead role.

Ron, now 65, told the paper:

“I think it would be fitting for Jude Law to play me as he is very good. From what I understand the movie is going to be a rom-com and it will be sort of like Alfie was. It fits, as it was kind of like that, only instead of being a lover and a leaver, I married all of them.”

He added:

“I have never felt true love and genuinely believe there is the right person for everyone out there. Unfortunately for me, it took me longer than most to find the right one.”

He continued:

‘I was 19 when I first married and was very young and naive. With some of the marriages, I just didn’t have the heart to say no and it seemed to be the decent thing to marry. I have had eight mothers-in-law so I must be brave. Weng has changed me inside out. Every day with her is like a honeymoon. Before that I was usually at the divorce court.”

Social mores have change significantly since he was a young man, he explained.

‘It was different when I was younger. It was frowned upon if you lived with a woman without marrying her. So I guess that’s why I married so much.”

Talking to the Telegraph in 2005, Ron said both he and his family had grown tired of weddings over the years.

“Oh, I’ve had enough of all that now. I know the vows off by heart. None of my family comes any more and they stopped buying me presents after the third one. At my last wedding, you couldn’t move for the paparazzi. A local radio DJ from the Isle of Wight even tried to gatecrash it and broadcast it live on air with his mobile phone.”

Altogether Mr Sheppard has spent 44 of the last 48 years as a married man.

Lord of the Wedding Rings is due to be published on February 1.

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    1. Andrew says:

      Why are you offering this preposterous type further publicity?

      And I can’t imagine he “walked down the aisle” at Martock or anywhere else every time. More likely the Registrar’s office unless he found some very broad-minded clerics.

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