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Divorce is a ‘plague’ says Lincolnshire MP

Divorce is a “modern plague” Lincolnshire MP Edward Leigh has claimed.

Divorce costs £46 billion a year, the veteran Tory MP for Gainsborough told parliamentarians, adding “…it is not just about the cost. The point is the human misery that comes in its wake. That is why the debate is so important.”

Despite the current “permissive society”, people have a responsibility to “speak out for what’s right,” he declared according to a report in the Grimsby Telegraph.

Leigh, who is known for his traditional views on family issues, added:

“The decline of traditional marriage has been an unalloyed disaster. People in government, in schools and in Churches are frightened of speaking out about this issue. They think that if they say they support traditional marriage, they are somehow criticising people who are not married or who, for all sorts of reasons that are not their fault, are no longer married, but that is not the case.”

He continued:

“Surely we can value everyone in society and how they live, while speaking out for what is right in society, which is marriage and people setting out to stay married if they want to bring up children.”

Divorce had left many children leading a “tragic life” the MP added.

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  1. Luke says:

    I fail to see the point of Edward Leigh MP making these points when he has no solutions at all.

    Does he really think the churches (most of whom have their own internal scandals to deal with) pompously telling people to get married is going to make any difference at all ?

    As for the schools, it is simply not their business to tell us how to live – and the government is listened to by nobody on such matters.

    The MP reminds me of King Canute being outraged because he couldn’t stop the waves 🙂

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