Russian premier Vladimir Putin completes divorce

News|April 7th 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin his completed his divorce, the government has announced.

The couple announced plans to divorce last summer during a television interview, shortly before their 30th wedding anniversary. Lyudmilla Putina’s name has now been removed from the President’s official website, and his personal spokesman told the media that this change indicates that the divorce has been completed.

The site now only contains a statement saying Putin has two daughters –  Mariya and Yekaterina, now aged 28 and 27.

During the televised announcement last year, the former KGB officer, now 61, insisted that the split was a “joint decision” as he and Lyudmila rarely saw each other, but added:

“We are always going to be very close to each other. I am sure, forever.”

Lyudmila told the interviewer that the split would be civilised.

“I am very grateful to Vladimir… that he still supports me. And the children, he really cares for them and the children feel this.”

Photo by Presidential Press and Information Office/ via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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  1. Luke says:

    Basically they seem to have an arrangement – he keeps her – and she keeps quiet.

  2. Andrew says:

    And a very good arrangement too if you can draw on the public purse of a big economy to make it work!

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