Marriage makes men fat, study suggests

Family|August 7th 2014

Marriage makes men fat, a new academic study has suggested.

Research by Leeds Metropolitan University appears to confirm the old stereotype that married men are fatter than their single counterparts.

Commissioned by the charity Men’s Health Forum, the research found that men’s eating habits change significantly once they get married. They eat substantially more sweet food like buns, cakes, pastries and fruit pies than they did while single.

The study also found that married men drink more wine than single men, and that this habit continues even after divorce.

Tam Fry, who works for the health campaign group National Obesity Forum, said the reason for these findings could be that “men have done all the hard work” before the marriage, having “taken the woman out to dinner and made a fuss of her and all that stuff”. He said that after a couple gets married, the wife “looks after her husband and the man just sits back and gets fat.”

The study also suggested that one cause for weight gain in married men could be that their wives deliberately overfeed them with the intention of making them less attractive to other women.

Post-nuptial weight gain is not limited to husbands. Last year, research from the Southern Methodist University in Texas found that “young newlyweds who are satisfied with their marriage gain weight in the early years after they exchange vows”.

The 2013 study suggested that happier couples gain weight because they are “less motivated to attract an alternative mate”.

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