School holidays can pile money pressures on marriage

Divorce|September 5th 2014

The school holidays seem to be a detriment to marriages in a number of areas, but money troubles is one of the worst.

A Stowe Family Law survey of over 2,000 people last week has found that a colossal 63 per cent agreed that financial pressures increase during school holidays.

In fact, only 15 per cent objected to the notion of the summer break causing greater money tension.

The statistics also show that women are more likely than men to agree that pressure due to finance goes on the rise during holidays.


Against the backdrop of the 2008/9 recession, finance in marriage has become a matter of increasing importance and worry.  The figures suggest that even the constructive process of trying to make ends meet can become a source of umbrage: nearly 30 per cent felt resentful at having to take over the majority of childcare during the school holidays.

This should not come as a surprise as research has shown that families with two children need to earn £40,000 in order to enjoy a reasonable lifestyle.

Financial strain can be doubly harmful coming immediately before the start of the school year, which induces even more shopping and spending than usual.  The use of the summer to try to save a rocky marriage may well lead to shipwreck more often than not.

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