Divorce danger zones: marriage worries by age and gender

Divorce|September 7th 2014

The start of the school year is increasingly tied with the start of the ‘divorce season’, with divorce matters spiking in September.  The common denominator?  School holidays and their effect on parents.

But figures suggest that certain people may find themselves in “danger zones” where stress and the risk of marriage breakdown are especially high.

Our recent Stowe Family Law survey of over 2,000 people has revealed that women admit to finding the balancing of childcare during the school holidays more stressful than men. In addition, more women agreed that the school holiday increases financial strain on marriage.  The female party of the marriage seems to bear more of the stress than the male.

To make this worse, men are three times more likely than women to consider an affair after arguing repeatedly during the holidays.  They make up three of the four per cent of people surveyed who have thought about an affair after a school holiday of turmoil.

But the disparity is not just by gender: the responses to the survey indicate that the 18-24 age group may be an even greater danger zone. They are three times more likely to consider an affair and/or divorce after an argument-fuelled summer holiday than the 25-34 group.

Indeed, the latter group may have better chances than even their own estimations: 25-34 year-olds are more likely than any other group to have regretted their divorce one year later.

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