Marilyn on spousal maintenance, featuring Julian Hawkhead

Family Law|October 24th 2014

I recently sat down with Stowe Family Law’s Managing Partner Julian Hawkhead to discuss the highly charged topic of spousal maintenance.

This is a topic which comes up again and again on my blog. Whenever a couple goes through a divorce, the issue of money will inevitably arise.

What it is vital to keep in mind is that the primary concern when it comes to spousal maintenance is need. What does each party need going forward? What is the best way of meeting those needs?

In our discussion, we also discuss the idea of compensation. People can often feel like they need to be financially compensated for the sacrifices they made during the marriage. If one partner has given up a career for the sake of the marriage or to look after children, they can apply for maintenance over and above their level of need.

Such compensation is not solely available for the wife. If the husband was the one to make career sacrifices he is just as eligible to apply for an enhanced level of maintenance.

To hear the fascinating discussion in full, please watch the video above.

Julian is Stowe Family Law’s Senior Partner and is based in our Leeds office.

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  1. Linz says:

    Hi, I have been separated from my husband for 3 month now, we split because he is an alcoholic n couldn’t take the physical and emotional abuse anymore. I am currently not work and have no income but my husband has a full time job and is my only source of income. He has decided to stop giving me money, please could you advise if I am entitled to spousal maintenance, we have no children between us. It is him that keeps asking for divorce and that I’m not entitled to anything, we have been married a little over 5yrs now.

    Thank you

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