High profile divorcee Scot Young dies in fall from his flat

Divorce|December 10th 2014

Businessman Scot Young, whose protracted divorce proceedings generated headlines, has died in a fall from his London home.

Passers-by found his body impaled on iron railings outside the property in Marylebone, central London. He had moved into the fourth floor flat with girlfriend Noelle Reno just months before.

The ruling comes a year after his former wife Michelle Young was awarded £20 million, at the conclusion of an acrimonious divorce dispute which had lasted seven years, ever since the couple separated in 2006.

She claimed her husband, a property developer and one time ‘fixer’ to wealthy oligarchs, had concealed many millions in off-shore tax havens, while he insisted that he had gone bankrupt following a property deal and could not afford to pay court-ordered maintenance to Michelle.

The latter reacted angrily to the £20 million divorce settlement awarded by Mr Justice Moor in November last year, calling it “disgraceful” and claiming her ex-husband was worth “billions”. The Judge rejected her estimates of her husband’s wealth as “fanciful”.

In January last year, Mr Young was found guilty of contempt of court and jailed for six months after failing to provide court-ordered financial details.

Read Mr Justice Moor’s ruling here.

Photo of Marylebone Station by Oxyman via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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  1. Luke says:

    I could be wrong but it looks like suicide to me. It sounds like his claims of bankruptcy were true.
    I hope his grasping ex-wife gets nothing.

  2. Andrew says:

    From the Evening Standard:

    Hannah Budd, a partner in The International Family Law Group LLP, said: “In light of Mr Young’s death Mrs Young will have claims against his estate under the Inheritance Act to provide for reasonable provision for her.

    “The real difficulty here will be identifying those assets which fall within the estate which was the crux of the issue on their divorce.

    “It may now become easier to unravel Mr Young’s financial affairs but the reality is that Mrs Young may be facing significant further litigation in order to do so.”

    I don’t see where she is coming from. I would be surprised if the order did not include the usual no-claims-on-death clause in which case Ms Young is a creditor of the estate for £20m plus interest – I think we can assume that Mr Young will not have left her anything in his will if any!

    Once she gets that, that’s the end of the road, isn’t it?

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