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Unexpected things that can lead to divorce

Divorce | 23 Dec 2014 1

Deciding to end a marriage is a huge step for anyone, and the reasons people may choose to do so are as varied as the people themselves.

Some reasons for divorce are more common than others, such as infidelity, abuse or simply growing apart. However, there have been a few recent cases around the world in which the reasons cited for divorce are not nearly as conventional.

In November, a Saudi man filed for divorce because of the instant messaging service WhatsApp. Unlike in Italy, where WhatsApp has been cited in 40 per cent of divorce cases, this was not the result of incriminating photographs or conversations. Quite the opposite.

The man wanted a divorce because his wife would not respond to any of his messages on the app, despite using her smartphone almost constantly. A local news outlet reported that the man claimed she was on her phone so much that she had begun neglecting the home and their child.

Staying in Saudi Arabia, a new husband caused a shock by demanding a divorce before his wedding ceremony had even concluded. The man from the town of Medina had agreed to an arranged marriage and had not seen his bride before the ceremony.

When the bride lifted her veil to smile for photographs, the husband publicly declared:

“You are not the girl I want to marry. You are not the one I had imagined. I am sorry, but I divorce you.”

The man has unsurprisingly been condemned for his outburst.

In India, a vegetarian woman is seeking a divorce from her husband and alleges that his family deliberately tried to get her to eat non-vegetarian food. According to the complaint she filed, the woman told her husband she was a vegetarian before they got married.

She claimed that her mother-in-law would add non-vegetarian food to her meals simply to harass her. This was coupled with claims of verbal and even physical abuse.

As the husband and his family did not respond to her complaint, the court ruled that the case of cruelty had been proven and she was granted a divorce.

Photo by Alex Proimos via Flickr

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