Divorce & Splitting Up: a new edition for a new year!

Divorce|December 27th 2014

Marilyn Stowe

My book Divorce & Splitting Up: Advice from a Top Divorce Lawyer was published back in January 2013 – how time has flown! Since then it has sold close to 7000 copies, both as an ebook and print edition.

When I sat down to write the book I had two aims in mind. First, my parents were both extremely ill. One had cancer, the other diabetes. They were as inseparable in death as they were in life, and I wanted to pay them my own tribute, say my own thank you to them, for everything they had done to ensure I became a lawyer.

Writing this book and ensuring its publication by 31st December 2012 meant they both saw it. My parents passed away within 12 days of each other in January 2013.

My other goal was to provide readers with an accessible but comprehensive guide to every aspect of ending a relationship, a process than can seem terribly daunting, whether it is you ending the relationship or your partner is ending it for you. I wanted to do it as cheaply as I could but with as much information in it as I could provide, particularly from the legal side.

There was a real gap in the market for such a book, especially in the post legal aid era, when so many must make their own way without the expert guidance of a solicitor.

I am so grateful that readers’ reviews have been very positive. ‘Diana’ for example wrote:

Excellent book
Easy to read and understand with
No legal jargon
Would definitely recommend it to anybody in the initial stages of wondering which road to go down

We’d like to thank everyone who has read and reviewed the book to date.

But like everything in life, the law never stands still. Family law is ever evolving and so the time has new come for a new edition of Divorce & Splitting Up. I want to ensure the book remains as accurate and up-to-date as we can make it, so along with other expert family solicitors here at Stowe Family Law I have gone through the text with proverbial fine tooth comb, tweaking, updating and changing as necessary.

The new 86,000 word edition will launch on Amazon Kindle on January 2, at exactly the same price – just 99p, the cheapest price I can offer it on Amazon. The costs of the book have been met by us, intentionally, in order to make it as accessible as we can to everyone. I am again donating all the proceeds to the Children’s Society and as before, my book is dedicated to the memory of my beloved parents.

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    I appreciate your commitment and updates on Family Law. I also would value your comments on Family Mediation.

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