Men choose younger second wives but women older second husbands

Family|January 4th 2015

When divorcees remarry, men are more likely to opt for a younger wife, while women tend to choose an older husband the second time around.

That is the finding of a recent study by the Washington DC-based Pew Research Center. The researchers analysed data from the ongoing American Community Survey, by United States Census Bureau, focusing on individuals who had married in the previous year.

According to the data, couples who marry the first time around are statistically more likely to marry partners of a similar age but this changes if the marriage fails and the former couple move on to new relationships.

When tying the knot of the first time, 15 per cent of men marry women six or more years younger than they are, but only three per cent of women do so. Just one per cent of women in their first marriage have a husband who is ten or more years younger than them.

But at second marriage stage, the percentage of men marrying younger women leapt to 38 per cent, while only 11 per cent of women chose a younger second husband. Meanwhile, 27 per cent of women marrying for a second time chose an older second husband, compared to just six per cent of the men. Just five per cent of women marrying for the second time choose a husband ten more years younger than them. Only very slightly more remarried women – six per cent – had exchanged vows with a man between six and nine years younger than them.

In 2013, campaign group a report by the Marriage Foundation claimed that second marriages were less likely to end in divorce.

Read the full Pew Research Center report here.

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  1. Andrew says:

    “In 2013, campaign group a report by the Marriage Foundation claimed that second marriages were less likely to end in divorce.”

    Well then, it’s obvious, nobody should be allowed to marry who has not been married before.

    Or we could abolish marriage and watch the divorce rate tumble . . . Andrew, behave yourself.

  2. Luke says:

    This may not be politically correct but evolution has dictated that men’s sexual market value (SMV) is a parabola and women’s SMV is an initial short plateau followed by a downward slope (starting at a great height).
    All of this is harsh but true – and yes I am aware that a lot of people will understandably recoil from the term SMV – but we do want to talk about the truth here don’t we ?
    So the remarriage age for women hasn’t generally got a lot to do with ‘choosing’ – it’s perhaps the main reason women don’t remarry nearly as often as men.

  3. Stitchedup says:

    Not wishing to blow my trumpet too much here, but when I found myself back on the market I was staggered at the age of the women I was being approached by, some in their 20’s me approaching 50!!! flattering but I didn’t really feel it was the right recipe for a stable long term relationship. As I said to one particularly pretty, persistent 20 something woman…… ” I wouldn’t do it to you or myself, one day you’ll find yourself waking up next to an old man”.

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