Dominican Republic won’t recognise UK Embassy gay marriage

Marriage|January 5th 2015

A same-sex marriage held at the UK Embassy in the Dominican Republic will not be recognised by the Caribbean nation’s government.

The wedding was between a British man and a Dominican national. It was announced on the Embassy’s official Twitter account.

This was the first gay marriage to take place in the Dominican Republic as it still illegal for same-sex couples to wed in the country. But, according to Embassy officials, more same-sex weddings will be performed there in the future.

Dominican Foreign Ministry spokesman Miguel Medina declared that “our legislation does not recognize this type of marriage” in a statement issued on New Year’s Day. However, the government did respect the Embassy’s right to perform the ceremony under international law.

Gay British couples have been eligible to marry in UK embassies and consulates following an extension of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 in June last year. The first of such weddings took place in July at the consulate in Sydney, Australia. There, the marriage also went unrecognised by the host nation.

Photo of the Dominican Republic flag by Jeff via Flickr

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  1. Andrew says:

    Whatever the legal position is it wise to celebrate marriages at an Embassy or High Commission in a country where it won’t be recognised and where the local citizen, if also locally domiciled, will not be regarded as married?

    Some countries do not allow (opposite-sex) marriages between first cousins. I hope the British Embassy in such a country would not celebrate a marriage unless both parties were British citizens and domiciled in one of the UK jurisdictions.

  2. CheapDominicanRepublicLiving says:

    hah, they have a right to not accept…and you have a right to do it in your embassy…. but I doubt that inside embassy building it is THAT romantic….

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