Multinational marriages in Finland more likely to end in divorce

Family|April 13th 2015

Marriages between Finns and foreign nationals are three times more likely to end in divorce, new figures suggest.

The Finnish Institute of Migration surveyed a representative sample of 200 immigrants living in the Scandinavian country, along with their Finnish husbands or wives.

Finnish men with international spouses were most likely to have married women from neighbouring Estonia and Russia, as well as more distant Thailand. Finnish women married to foreign men, meanwhile, were most likely to have chosen a spouse from the UK, the United States or Turkey. Finnish women, however, were slightly less likely to marry a foreigner than their male compatriots.

Despite the high divorce rate, four out of five migrants said they were satisfied with their lives in the country, with those from Estonia and Russia reporting the highest levels of happiness.

There are now approximately 47,000 multicultural couples in Finland – a steep jump from just 30,000 ten years ago. The majority live in the capital, Helsinki.

 Image of Helsinki railway station by Andy via Flickr

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  1. Andrew says:

    Marriages between people of different cultures and backgrounds experience more problems than other marriages.

    And water is wet.

    And Queen Anne is dead.

    And bears . . . I will leave it there!

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