Fatherly involvement can increase children’s IQ

Family|June 23rd 2015

Children who spend more time with their fathers have a higher IQ, a new study suggests.

Researchers at the University of Newcastle examined data relating to 11,000 British people who had all been born in 1958. The involvement of their fathers was assessed through interviews with the subjects’ mothers. The latter were asked how much time the fathers had spent interacting with the children – for example, reading to them, going on outings and spending ‘quality time’ with their offspring.

Children who enjoyed extensive time with their fathers not only had higher IQs but were also more socially mobile, the researchers concluded, when compared to children who received only limited attention from their fathers. The differences could still be detected when children were in their 40s.

Lead researcher Dr Daniel Nettle said:

“What was surprising about this research was the real sizeable difference in the progress of children who benefited from paternal interest and how thirty years later, people whose dads were involved are more upwardly mobile. The data suggest that having a second adult involved during childhood produces benefits in terms of skills and abilities that endure throughout adult life.”

The study was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Who’d have thought it?

  2. Name Witheld says:

    It seems that as always empirical evidence has won the day again!

    Lets hope that this fuels the politicians who may now be in the majority as we have many in the SNP who are more inclined to support Parity of Responsible Parenting embarrassing their English cousins to enact such a reality which this research has identified as supportive of further evidence to enact the aforementioned!

    H’m I wonder if this is the reason that my eldest son is not doing too well in his education especially his maths, when his father is a science and maths teacher but not allowed to have contact with him because his Mum has told him, “Dad is going to take you and your brother away, kill you and then kill himself”; that is a father who had spend 50,000 combined hours of engaging and responsible parenting and knowing that on separation that equal engagement with both parents was both our moral responsibility and right, and has been a teacher for almost three decades having taught over 10,000 students within educational establishments in three LES.

    Who now is the abuser?

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