‘Black Dot’ domestic violence campaign gains popularity

Family|September 23rd 2015

A new campaign against domestic violence has gained more than 40,000 supporters in just two weeks.

The premise of the ‘Black Dot’ campaign is for victims of violence to mark their hands with a small black dot. This will act as a silent call for help so that friends and family will know they can talk to them about abuse.

On Facebook, the campaign’s page has been liked by over 40,000 people since its launch on 7 September and its founder claims that the page has been viewed by millions more.

Despite its popularity, the campaign has been criticised by several specialist charities who fear it may do more harm than good to victims. On Twitter, domestic violence victims support group Project Sanctuary said that they “cannot endorse” it as the black dot could put the victim in greater danger. Additionally, it could “put untrained, well-meaning friends and family at risk who may feel compelled to intervene in an unsafe way”.

Women’s Aid spokeswoman Alice Stride said that “perpetrators [of domestic violence] do monitor victims very closely” so if victims “forget to wash the dot off their hand, that could lead to further abuse”.

However, Ms Stride still welcomed the campaign as it can be “very difficult for women to speak out about their abuse”. She added that communication is “the first step” for victims and that the Black Dot “provides women another way to do that”.

The campaign’s founder wishes to remain anonymous because she has previously been a victim of domestic violence. In an interview with the BBC, she warned victims that “if it’s not safe to draw a black dot, don’t do it. Just because you’re a victim doesn’t mean you’re stupid, you know yourself what is safe and what is not safe.”

Earlier this month, the police announced new guidelines to help them identify domestic abuse before it is reported.

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  1. stitchedup says:

    Absurdity in the extreme.

  2. stitchedup says:

    A more reliable indicator of domestic violence would be a black eye.

  3. Luke says:

    This is just another example of treating women like children when there is an advantage in doing so – and implying that men are always the monsters.

  4. Wistilia says:

    The ‘false allegation’ brigade will be sporting these black dots at every opportunity.

    ‘Real’ victims of DV would not be able to use anything so obvious.

  5. The Devil's Advocate says:

    Interesting. According to Karen Woodall and the ONS, out of every 7 sdult people abused 4 are women and 3 are men! Incidentally l went to a Safeguarding Conference yesterday and was informed that actual physical violence by one person against another is only 1/11 of all types of abuse descriptors!

    So “fair pinky dinky’s” (90%), those sycophants who maliciously lie and fabricate evidence to both the Police, L A and the Courts, beware! Your time for such hysterical evil is soon coming to and end. Plans are afoot by the 13.5 million citizens in this country who as l write are rising up and demanding fundamental changes to current 18th Century level of legislation currently in relation to children and their best interests to be part of all in their family.

    So fictional accounts of physical violence by some women may be used as a ruse to advance their hysteria to denouncing another to get action by the authorities who often act without any empirical, (and not hysterical) evidence.

    I am sure the PM will listen after his very personal Indiscretion with a dead pig! If the national press would take as much interests into the real need of children in loving families then our children would be better protected!

    Those who still have Victoriana attitudes to women as the only “victims” as vulnerable people, then they may be more open to suggestions to attend a safeguarding course and get the bl___dy facts right. And linked with this is the reality of parental alienation, (yes good old PA) which is linked with association of 5/11 of abuse descriptors, and what was thought of as lands of machismo in Latin American nations, in this case two, with half the population of all the EU nations have criminalsed PA making it a custodial sentence. (YES AND NOT TOO SOON I CAN HEAR MANY RESPOND and CHEER!)

    And just to think those perpetrators of PA or the Nazi like perversions of Hitler Youth indoctrination of our children. Do you honestly think you are going to get away with this as if acting like the proverbial despotic “citadel” as Berlin became, one month before it capitulated in May 1945!

    PA is a hate crime If Latin America love their children obviously more than we do in England and Wales then let them teach us a lesson to protect and provide for those 4 million children who are living in psychological slavery in the UK.

    This is what happens by those females who want to stir up the muck, and “sow the seed”, they will have to “reap the worldwind!”

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