Barnardo’s ‘deeply concerned’ by new adoption statistics

Divorce|October 1st 2015

Newly published government statistics show a sharp decline the number of children being placed for adoption.

According to the Department for Education bulletin, the number of children placed with prospective adopters once in the care system fell by 15 per cent in the year to March. Meanwhile, the number of youngsters for whom a placement order has been issued dropped by a quarter (24 per cent) over the same period.

Javed Khan, Chief Executive of children’s charity Barnardo’s, said he was dismayed by the statistics.

“We are deeply concerned about the drastic 24% fall in the number of children being put forward for adoption. It’s crucial that local authorities don’t shy away from acting decisively on adoption. These can be tough decisions but the best interests of vulnerable children must be put first.”

If the fall in adoption numbers continues unchecked, a “real crisis” could occur, he claimed, with children stuck in limbo or “even missing out completely on the chance of growing up in their own loving, safe and supportive family.”

The bulletin can be read in full here.

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  1. Grace says:

    Children should only be adopted if they r abused in some way leave innocent parents and children alone

    • Chloe says:

      Stop using future emotional harm and social. To stop lying in court to take our babys like with my story said I had PTSD doctor said I never had it then took my little girl but let me keep her for extra week then took her and said my sin is fine to be with me two weeks after why take her stop taking the loved ones away

  2. Lisa Muggeridge says:

    The sharp drop occurred after an increase in adoption rates that was criminal and a High Court Judge intervened to remind Local Authorities what the law is. This response is a disgrace and adoption is not a solutin to broken child protection systems.

  3. Forcedadoption says:

    The solution is so simple; “No punishment without crime” . No child should be taken from a parent unless that parent has been convicted of a serious crime against a child or been charged with one .In the latter case if a criminal court finds the parent “not guilty” the child should be returned.
    Some will say that taking a child in these circumstances is not a punishment of the mother (or father) but a blessing for the child .I prefer the view of Sir James Munby ,President of the family courts when he stated that to take a child permanently from a parent was the worst punishment that could be inflicted on anyone since the abolition of capital punishment.

  4. John Hemming says:

    As usual Barnados demonstrate that they don’t understand what is happening in the care system.

    Even if you lump together the S20 looked after children with the compulsorily “in care” children adoptions are a very high proportion of the children leaving care.

    Other countries don’t do things this way. Are we really to believe that England (and Wales) is much better than other countries. Or is it in fact that England is much worse (for the children).

  5. Amber Hartman says:

    Unfortunately the full story has not been given. There have been unfortunate cases where children have been abused while on SGO which is naturally raising concern & causing even more disruption/ abuse for the child rather than a fully vetted adoptive family. It is time for stricter vetting & proper support for SGO.

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