Superstitious husband divorces ‘unlucky’ wife

News|October 28th 2015

A superstitious husband in Saudi Arabia has attracted widespread ridicule after divorcing his wife just two days after their marriage because she was ‘unlucky’.

According to reports, the unnamed man began to suspect that his wife might attract bad luck when the curtains in their flat fell down during their first day together, and then a waiter serving them at dinner fell over. Later, when the couple returned home, he dropped a bottle of perfume when discussing its scent with his new wife.

These multiples mishaps the day after his wedding were a bad omen, the husband decided, and so next day, he took her back to her family’s home and announced the divorce.

The story attracted condemnation from other Saudis on social media, who accused the groom of “utter nonsense” and throwing away the marriage for frivolous reasons.

A blogger called ‘Competent’ wrote:

“Does he think that marriage is such a trivial matter? Does he think that you can marry a woman and divorce her so easily over such trivial matters? He obviously needs help. He should not be allowed to play with people’s emotions as per his wishes.”

‘Yara’ wrote:

“The reason for the divorce is so frivolous and in fact reflects how limited his mind is.”

Others suggested that the newly divorced wife had had a lucky escape. One blogger blogger wrote:

“Maybe he should consider that he may be the reason for the incidents. The woman is obviously lucky to move out of the life of an obsessed man with a sick mind.”

Image by Francisco Anzola via Flickr

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