Child Maintenance Service ‘neglecting arrears’ says Gingerbread

Family|November 6th 2015

Child Support Agency successor organisation the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) has not taken the collection of arrears seriously, a charity has claimed.

Responding to figures published by the Department for Work and Pensions, single parent charity Gingerbread highlighted a cited total of £35 million in maintenance arrears for the two years to August.

Chief executive Fiona Weir said:

“With more than half of ‘paying’ parents associated with the maintenance arrears, this is disappointing for a new service where there is a clear government commitment to ensuring that children receive their child maintenance payments on time and in full. When maintenance doesn’t arrive, it means bills can’t get paid and children end up going without.”

An additional £1 billion in maintenance arrears from existing Child Support Agency cases will be transferred to the CMS over the next three years.

Fiona Weir called on the government to explain its plans to collect the money owed, and demanded an assurance that “when transferred to the CMS – existing CSA debts owed for children are not forgotten. This is money hard-pressed single parent families can’t do without.”

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  1. Andy. says:

    The old CSA, was a debacle for the government and critisised for its failure to collect monies for the childrens needs..on that note it was a gravey train for the parent with care as they gained inflation busting salary hikes that led to luxury life styles.
    Now the revamped CMS now enforces the payments from the Non resident parent..Due to this now scheme it has lead to and heated debated questions that the CMS promote the agancy to promote itself to a agreement by both parents to sort it out yet if you cant CMS bombard you with imposed laws that they can impose if your ex partnerwhines as she has not been paid within a time span..
    CMS then turn from a we dont care about the NRP to a demanding and threatening agency that leaves the father in such a low state of life and financially broke they dont care about you..but the thing is the parent with care,PWC gaines a life style that makes some company directors would be on at a cost to the fathers salary..I ask who helps the father who is forced into poverty and his future life style and financial needs are monitird by one gives a shit about you but the law in this country is so pro the mother that it is to obvious to ignore…
    courts decide who what and when but no such chalkenge is ever made to the CMS and if you contact the agency they only have monotone idiots where never give you an answer to your genuine question…
    I wish a group would be big enough to challenge the CMS in making them from being so untouchable to transparent only because you never get the same answer to one question..
    Goid luck to all you fathers that now are financially broke to survive..
    WE should all stick together and fight…

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