Ex-wife forbidden from further actions against her husband

Family Law|November 6th 2015

A judge has forbidden a divorcee from making any further legal applications against her former husband for a period of two years.

Vivian and Denis Welch were married for six years before parting acrimoniously in 2012. Both had previously been married to others and the wife had in fact engaged in litigation with her first husband during her marriage to the second.

Since the end of her relationship with Mr Welch, his second wife has repeatedly insisted that he has concealed large sums of money, despite a number of court rulings that this was not in fact the case. She hired private investigators to probe into his affairs, he claims, and such actions have damaged his career and reputation.

Earlier this year, in a ruling which has only now been made public, an ‘extended civil restraint order’ was issued against her, prohibiting further legal claims against Mr Welch for two years.

The husband’s solicitor said this was the only occasion on record in which the family courts had issued such a restraining during financial settlement proceedings. It was especially unusual as the wife had acted as a litigant in person during the proceedings, which were described as ““bitter and intense litigation” by Mr Justice Holman.

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