Tall husbands key to happy marriage

Relationships | 2 Dec 2015 4

Women with significantly taller husbands enjoy happier marriages, researchers have claimed.

After analysing data from 7,850 women gathered during a long-term population study, Dr Kitae Sohn found that the greater the difference in height between spouses, the happier the women were.

Dr Sohn is a professor at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea. He said that one reason for his finding could be the “intrinsic value of height” among women. Essentially, they “like tall men, [but are often] unable to say why”, he explained.

While it is almost common knowledge that “women prefer tall men in mating for evolutionary reasons”, no research has previously been done to find out if such husbands made them happier, Dr Sohn wrote.

The effect of a man’s height on his wife’s happiness diminished over time, however. Dr Sohn’s work found that, in most cases, the importance of height “entirely dissipated by 18 years of marital duration”. He said that this could be because wives simply get used to how tall their husbands are. While women have evolved to associate strength with tall men, he continued, this connection appears to fade after a significant amount of time spent with someone.

The length of time it takes for this effect to be negated “indicates a powerful impact of male height on women’s psychology, probably prepared by evolution”, Dr Sohn added.

The research was published in the academic journal Personality and Individual Differences.

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    1. Melissa says:

      This article demonstrates the end of short men as we know it.

    2. JamesB says:

      Perhaps because they die sooner.

      The heart has to work harder to pump the blood to the extremities which are further away and gives out sooner.

      I read an article the other day which said that the idea that women preffered taller men with money was not true and flickr is it the dating app, was irrelevant. So, a lot of these studies contradict each other.

      I have known a lot of tall men with health complaints though, does height and hair denote status? Not in my book.

    3. JamesB says:

      It was a study on Tinder not Flikr I refered to above. It was in Vanity Fair magazine online if someone wants to look it up.

      Found it:


      Nick, with his lumbersexual beard and hipster clothes, as if plucked from the wardrobe closet of Girls, is, physically speaking, a modern male ideal. That he fulfills none of the requirements identified by evolutionary psychologists as what women supposedly look for in mates—he’s neither rich nor tall; he also lives with his mom—doesn’t seem to have any effect on his ability to get rampantly laid.

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