Businessman cites shoe collection in divorce claim

Divorce|December 10th 2015

A Swiss businessman has argued that his divorce should be heard in Monte Carlo rather than New York because his wife’s shoe collection is located in the wealthy Mediterranean city.

Maurice Alain Amon and estranged wife Tracey shared a home in Manhattan but also had a residence in Monte Carlo. In a divorce application recently filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court, Mr Amon argues that his estranged spouse’s extensive shoe collection, along with her walk in closets, indicate that the Monte Carlo home was the couple’s primary residence.

The application claims:

“One need only look at the number of pairs of shoes in her closet to conclude she lives there.”

Tracey Hejailan had earlier complained about her husband taking valuable artwork from the walls of their Manhattan home.

The divorce filing addresses this point, claiming:

“Under Monaco law, [Hejailan] does not have an interest in the artworks in question.”

Unlike the legal system in the United States, Monacan law does not routinely divide marital property but instead focuses on ownership.

Hejailan, meanwhile, denies her husband’s claim that the couple were based in the city state of Monaco.

Image by Lori Greig via Flickr


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  1. Andrew says:

    The case should be heard on the footing that . . .
    She has a toehold in the New York courts
    One of them should be brought to heel
    Sorry. I deserve punitive treatment!

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