Childhood poverty ‘promotes unhappiness and bad health’

Family|December 10th 2015

Young people from poor areas are noticeably unhappier than more prosperous youngsters and lead unhealthier lifestyles researchers report.

In a survey of 100,000 15 year-olds, the Health and Social Care Information Centre found that youngers from deprived areas were six per cent more likely to smoke, three per cent more likely to be bullied and nearly seven per cent more likely to say they were unhappy with their lives. Poorer children were also a full nine per cent less likely to describe their health as excellent and seven per cent less likely to believe their health was “fair or poor”.

Zoe Renton of the National Children’s Bureau said poverty had a major impact on children’s futures.

“The survey illustrates the link between growing up in poverty and having poor health in adolescence, which will have long-lasting effects on a young person’s future health, learning and employment prospects.”

Read the survey here.

Image by Craig Sutcliffe via Flickr

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  1. Andrew says:

    Who’d have thought it?

  2. stitchedup says:

    No shit Sherlock!

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